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Sunday, June 24, 2012

Recipe holder

Ordered by Yana. Thank you sis! It can hold loads of recipe (as I use ring binder, :)) and consists of 5 dividers. 

Front - with green plastic cover

Front page

Embellishment- cupcakes

Embellishment- apron, cooking pot, utensils

Front cover- Inside

Divider 1- Appetizer

Back of all Dividers- coordinating recipe cards

Divider 2- Main Dish

Divider 3- Dessert

Divider 4- Pasta

Divider 5- Soup n Salad

Back cover- Inside

Back cover

Back cover- Collage 1

Back cover- Collage 2

Back- with green plastic cover


  1. As salam Khai...
    Beautiful, brilliant work there! So proud of u....
    If mcm tu is how much? and is it A4 size?

  2. Sorry Khai...the msg was from me...shasha...hehe


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